Presenting The HondaJet

Add this to your wishlist; the HondaJet is the first aircraft designed by the Honda Motor Company. Equipped with a lot of innovative concepts, this over-the-wing engine mount actually reduces drag and leaves more room in the fuselage, which is made from lightweight composite materials and can hold up to seven passengers. Two GE Honda HF120 engines power it. It also features a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit system and a fully enclosed aft lavatory. With a beauty like this who would want to travel in any odd plane! Though priced modestly, in the long run, the operational costs of this plane figure better than most other same-sized planes.

The company has made some radical changes in the engine to promote fuel efficiency. There is a marked improvement in the specific fuel consumption by approximately 4% and a weight reduction of approximately 8%. The HondaJet is for $3.65 million; pre-order.

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