The GoCarTours have GPS and are fun

I love traveling and exploring new places. With all my experience I feel there is nothing better than seeing a city at your own pace. Stop when you want, no unnecessary loo breaks, and most of all cranky co-passengers who always think they know better than the guide. “The cure for the common tour” is what GoCarTours call their services. Though I have not experienced it, something tells me this concept is a sure-fire hit and I’m gonna love the travel. The mini-cars are fitted with a GPS device that helps you navigate the city with all the must-see sights included. The three-wheeled moped (you need to wear helmets too) reaches top speeds of 35mph and the GPS navigation system provides a story for more than 50 (for SF) historical points and landmarks. The company currently operates in San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami.

The GoCarTours are available for $44 for the first hour, $34 second hour, $24/hour after that. The low downs are that you must be at least 18 to drive this car; you can’t cross Golden Gate Bridge with it, the car gets over 60 miles per gallon, and a max of two people per vehicle. Driving directions and tour narrations come in English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

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