To beat the scorching 120° Saudi heat every summer, this billionaire rally driver airlifts his Bugatti Chiron and a colossal 9,000 lb Mercedes G63 6X6 SUV to Europe just so he can vacation in style

Via Instagram / @yazeedalrajhi

The members of royal families from oil-rich nations in the Middle East know how to holiday. When the scorching summer season kicks in, these super-rich individuals prefer to escape to different parts of Europe and enjoy the beautiful weather. To vacation in style and make a statement wherever they go, the royals often transport their supercars and rare hypercars to such touristy places in Europe, with London, south of France, and Monaco as their favorite destinations.

The Mercedes G63 6X6 is the worlds first six wheel drive civilian car. It weighs around 3,000 lb more than a Hummer H2. Via Instagram / @yazeedalrajhi

One such billionaire Middle Eastern royal is Yazeed Al-Rajhi. The 41-year-old businessman from Saudi Arabia loves spending his summer months in Europe and airlifts his swanky cars to those countries via massive cargo planes. For the last couple of years, he has been traveling with his Bugatti Chiron and Mercedes G63 6X6– two rare automobiles that are bound to turn heads.

Via Instagram / @yazeedalrajhi

Yazeed Al-Rajhi is not like any other Saudi royal. Along with being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, the billionaire is an accomplished rally racer with some serious credentials. Born on 30 September 1981, Yazeed is the son of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, a Saudi Royal who Al Rajhi Bank with his brothers. It is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world, with $49 billion in assets. While Yazeed joined his father’s business very early, he started competing in the World Rally Championship and other international rally events in 2007. Not only is he a two-time FIA World Cup champion, he finished on the podium at the renowned Dakar Rally in 2022. Yazeed became the first Saudi and Arab to win on home soil in his class and the youngest contestant to win a stage in Dakar in 2021.

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Via Instagram / @yazeedalrajhi

Back in 2022, we came across pictures of his Chiron and the six-wheeled G-Wagen being loaded on a DHL cargo jet, ready to be transported to Greece. The Chiron, owned by Yazeed, is believed to be worth around $2.6 million and wears a beautiful two-tone color combination of exposed black carbon and white. In fact, the Saudi businessman loves the black and white color combo, which is evident from his massive SUV, which is also finished in the same colors. Mercedes built a little more than 100 examples of the 6X6 G-Wagen between 2013 and 2015.

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Via Instagram / @yazeedalrajhi

The special utility vehicle was based on a six-wheeled military version of the Geländewagen developed for the Australian Army in 2007. It was the company’s largest and second most expensive street-legal off-road vehicle when it was launched. Yazeed’s 6X6 stands out from the rest thanks to an after-market Öhlins suspension. Imagine spotting the two vehicles together! I’m sure most people will reach for their smartphones to click photos.

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