Expanding his bold vision to the high seas, Saudi Crown Prince MBS is starting a luxury cruise line with a ship bigger than a US aircraft carrier. Featuring 18 decks, palatial villas, a waterpark, a 1,018-seat theater, and more, it will offer the best of Saudi hospitality at sea.

As a tourist destination, Saudi Arabia is gearing up to offer the world everything, from amusement parks, world-class arenas, golf resorts, luxury hotels, year-round ski resorts, and marinas with lavish accommodations, including a whole new way of living with The Line in Neom. However, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recognized that something was still missing—a cruise liner. After establishing a high-speed rail network and an airline, it was time to conquer the high seas. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has launched Aroya Cruises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF).

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“As the first Arabian cruise line, Aroya Cruises is proud to lead the way with its authentic Arabian experience offered to guests at sea and on land,” stated Cruise Saudi. The flagship vessel of Aroya Cruises is a 1,100-foot-long luxury ship with 18 decks and 1,678 cabins, including balcony cabins with stunning sea views, as well as luxury suites and villas. The ship accommodates over 3,362 passengers and boasts 20 entertainment venues for their enjoyment.

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The fun never stops aboard this lavish vessel, which also includes the Souq Aroya retail area, a 1,018-seat theater, five complimentary restaurants, 11 specialty restaurants, and no fewer than 12 cafés and lounges.

One of the onboard suites.

Guests are treated to a truly grand experience aboard the vessel, which features 154 ultra-luxe VIP suites and villas branded as “Khuzama by Aroya.” This category includes 14 Premium Suites (38-58 square meters) and 9 Villas (96-392 square meters), including the Signature Suite, Presidential Villa, and Royal Villa.

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The super suite bedroom.

The magnificent accommodations, each more opulent than the last, are complemented by world-class service, including butler service, premium drink packages, dedicated venues and restaurants, and priority boarding and disembarkation.

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This incredible experience isn’t far off; the cruise will launch in December 2024 from Jeddah with three unique itineraries. A three-night Red Sea voyage and two four-night sailings to Egypt or Aqaba (Petra) will offer fine journeys on the unmatched Aroya cruise.

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In the near future, itineraries will also be offered to the Arabian Gulf and the Mediterranean. Bookings are now open on the website, offering you the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey.

Note – The Aroya is 335 meters long, whereas the USS Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is 333 meters long.

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