Saudi Crown Prince MBS’s newest vision is Neom Magna – 12 out-of-this-world ultra-luxury tourist destinations that will include a Blade Runner-styled skyscraper, a hidden subterranean community, the longest infinity pool, and wonders that will defy the world’s imagination.

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Neom has added another luxe coastal destination, Magna, to its expanding portfolio of properties, set to transform 120 km of the Gulf of Aqaba coastline. Magna will feature newly announced premier destinations including Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, Xaynor, Elanan, Gidori, Treyam, and Jaumur, elevating Saudi Arabia as a leader in luxury sustainable tourism. With world-class architecture, ultra-modern amenities, 15 luxury hotels, 1,600 hotel rooms, suites, and apartments, and over 2,500 premium residences, Magna will be an unmatched gem of Neom.

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Under its magnificent umbrella of several luxury hotspots, Magna will boost the Kingdom’s economy by creating 15,000 jobs across the tourism, leisure, and hospitality sectors.

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According to the statement, this project will contribute $700 million to the Kingdom’s GDP by 2030. This major development, offering the most picturesque views and grand accommodations for 14,500 residents, will welcome 300,000 overnight visitors annually.

Pictured is Neom Epicon an ultra luxury resort. Image – Neom

Some of Magna’s most fantastic features include Utamo, a performance arena par excellence with a 20-story high entrance, world-class theater, VIP lounges, luxury restaurants, and more. Zardun offers solace after all that exhilaration with its eco-resort featuring three ultra-luxury boutique hotels.

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Pictured is Leya, a boutique luxury hotel in a valley on the gulf of Aqaba. Image – Neom

Visitors can enjoy an animal sanctuary, outdoor activities, and a 360-degree observation deck to make their stay memorable. In keeping with Crown Prince MBS’s bold and visionary projects, Magna will also feature a futuristic Blade Runner-style golf resort unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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