Saudi Crown Prince MBS stuns with another mesmerizing project, ‘Siranna’: a hexagonally-pillared luxury hotel to be built on a man-made mountain, offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea.

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Many people dream of a secluded haven away from the world, and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MBS is offering just that, but in the form of a hexagon-shaped luxury hotel. Although the Gulf of Aqaba coastline may currently be untapped, the luxurious developments rapidly emerging here suggest that in a decade, it will resemble a bustling suburb. The latest addition to northwest Saudi Arabia is Siranna, an exclusive tourism escape and the newest destination announced by the sustainable regional development initiative.

As part of the mega project Neom, Siranna will feature exclusive apartments and a hotel within a mystical hexagonal structure that appears to emerge from the natural environment. This ultra-luxurious destination will include a 65-room hotel and 35 private residences, accessible only by sea.

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Via Twitter / @NEOM

‘The destination offers uninterrupted views of the Red Sea, with its tiered design providing diverse views and perspectives,’ the developer stated. ‘Emerging from the rugged coastal terrain, the hexagonal pillars are distinctive yet complementary to the surrounding mountains and flora,’ the announcement continued. ‘The architecture will pay homage to the heritage of the local area and seamlessly blend into the adjoining mountain and wadi.’ In addition to these features, Siranna will offer a range of entertainment options, including restaurants, beach clubs, spas, and wellness facilities. Like plush Maldivian resorts, the Siranna is also best discovered on foot or horseback.

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It offers exceptional views of the Red Sea while harmonizing with the surrounding mountains and flora. One of the best ways to partake is from the pools dotting the unique property. Each pool leads to a golden private beach. Siranna, along with The Discovery Tower, Neom Leyja, and Epicon, is transforming the very face of the locale.

Via Twitter / @NEOM
Via Twitter / @NEOM
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