Futuristic even for Blade Runner – Saudi Crown Prince MBS is further expanding Neom with project Epicon, which will comprise two gravity-defying towers, a resort, and the charm of the Red Sea.

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A few months ago, the world was left awestruck, witnessing the marvel of Neom City taking shape. Neom encompasses four areas: The Line, Oxagon, Sindalah, and Trojena. However, Saudi Crown Prince MBS is known for his big dreams. Recently, Luxurylaunches revealed Neom’s three new distinct luxury hotels. Named Neom Leyja, this project will be nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains soaring 1,300 feet. It will be joined by MBS’s latest venture, Epicon, a premium tourism destination along the Gulf of Aqaba.

Rising dramatically from the desert are two striking towers, standing 738 and 900 feet tall. These towers are designed to house an ultra-premium hotel with 41 keys and luxury residences, including 14 suites and apartments. According to Arabnews, Epicon will also feature a resort with 120 rooms and 45 beachfront villas.

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Neom describes it as: ‘A highly attractive visitor destination and an optimum place to live and thrive. Epicon’s guests and residents can expect a truly immersive and life-affirming experience. The luxurious residences and beach villas aim to deliver new levels of livability through cutting-edge innovations, world-class services, and first-class experiences, positioning the resort as a benchmark for iconic living.’

Via Twitter / @NEOM

The statement continued, ‘Guests and residents of Epicon will enjoy unrestricted access to world-class facilities, complemented by views of one of the most desirable shorelines in NEOM. Amenities include a state-of-the-art gym, library, workspaces, pools, and lounges.’ The Epicon towers, with their sleek architecture, seem to tear into the sky as if bringing a piece of the future to life, utilizing only vertical space.

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Via Twitter / @NEOM

Their slender structure will have a minimal carbon footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in the desert landscape. Situated on the Gulf of Aqaba, the property will offer access to the Red Sea, enabling a variety of water sports and exploration of the natural surroundings along the coast.

Via Twitter / @NEOM
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