Saudi Crown Prince MBS’s Neom City will develop and use these luxury electric seagliders for state-of-the-art transport services in the region.

With Neom City, Crown Prince MBS envisioned a future that was sustainable, attainable, and astonishing. What is even more surprising is how close we are to realizing it. We had a glimpse of the rapid development in the second progress film of this infrastructural marvel. However, it is the details that truly captivate. In the latest news, Neom has signed an investment deal with the US-based electric seaglider manufacturer Regent to enhance its transportation offerings.

Seagliders, the fusion of aircraft and boats, appear to be the chosen mode of transport for the unprecedented Neom. Boasting the speed of an aircraft and the convenience of a boat, seagliders will serve as a sustainable and innovative transport option. They operate on wave-tolerant hydrofoils in harbors, reaching speeds of up to 180mph over open water, flying just one wingspan above the surface, as reported by Arabianbusiness.

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The plush interiors of the Viceroy seaglider.

The company’s flagship seaglider, the 12-passenger Viceroy, will become a common sight and a significant milestone in the future of sustainable transportation. NEOM Investment Fund CEO Majid Mufti stated, ‘We have closely collaborated with NEOM’s mobility sector to identify exciting opportunities like this one, which align with NEOM’s goals in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. These innovative electric seagliders will contribute to our progress toward zero-carbon operations.’

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The $500 billion Neom city project is one of the most ambitious undertaking the world has ever seen.

Terry Wong, the Executive Director of Land Mobility at NEOM, added, ‘Seagliders are an innovative component of NEOM Mobility’s aim to create the world’s first truly sustainable, shared, safe, and seamless multi-modal transport system.’ Billy Thalheimer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Regent, emphasized the shared commitment to building sustainable connections through seagliders, stating, ‘Regent and Neom are focused on collaboratively resolving operational details through this strategic investment and partnership.’ On-site testing of their seagliders is set to commence by 2025.”

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