Chaired by Crown Prince MBS, Saudi Arabia’s PIF beats every sovereign fund in the world when it comes to brand value.

In a groundbreaking move, London-based consultancy Brand Finance ranked the brand value of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) and asset managers for the first time. In this prestigious ranking, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Public Investment Fund (PIF), valued at $940.26 billion, emerged as the world’s most valuable sovereign wealth fund brand, with a staggering brand value of $1.1 billion. Coming in second position is the Government Pension Fund of Norway, one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world, worth $1.4 trillion.

The other Middle East fund that comes closest from Abu Dhabi which is managed by Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan. Via Instagram / @tbzayed

This achievement underscores PIF’s significant role in the global investment landscape. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, another key player, topped the rankings for brand strength among SWFs. According to Arabian Business, PIF’s ascension to the top spot is attributed to its robust investment strategy, strong brand awareness, perceived trustworthiness, and its role as a catalyst for economic advancement in Saudi Arabia. PIF has surpassed other Middle Eastern sovereign funds like the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, valued at $892 billion, chaired by Tahnoun bin Zayed, coming in 6th position, and the Qatar Investment Authority, worth $500 billion, at number 10, which also achieved top AAA+ brand strength ratings.

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Under the leadership of Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi PIF has stepped up investments across the region.

David Haigh, Chairman and CEO of Brand Finance, remarked, “We must also acknowledge the Gulf for the strength of its sovereign wealth funds. According to Brand Finance research, PIF, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and Qatar Investment Authority demonstrate impressive brand awareness with A+ brand strength, underscoring the importance of brand perceptions in this sector. With significant AUM and a long investment horizon, PIF and other SWFs are leaning into strategies based on patience and partnership, which we expect to continue to drive the brand perception of SWFs in the coming years.”

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Saudi Pro League has roped in Cristiano Ronaldo.

Saudi Arabia’s PIF is making substantial investments in its property portfolio with megaprojects like Neom, Qiddiya, and Diriyah and expanding its presence in the sports arena. The sovereign wealth fund has made successful investments in Newcastle United FC and major football clubs in the Saudi Pro League. Additionally, they have launched a dedicated sports investment company called SRJ Sports Investments and are constructing several futuristic sporting arenas around tourist destinations.

“PIF has garnered significant media coverage and brand awareness through the purchase of Newcastle United in the UK and the formation of the professional men’s golf tour LIV. Ambitious giga-projects such as ‘The Line,’ a futuristic 110-mile-long smart city, have also captured the public imagination,” stated the Brand Finance report.

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