This bespoke “Spirit of Ecstasy” Fabergé Egg commissioned by a discerning Rolls-Royce customer took two years to create

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has partnered with Fabergé to create a contemporary version of the Fabergé Egg that represents the heritage of both historic companies. The imperially inspired “Spirit of Ecstasy” Fabergé egg was unveiled Tuesday at Rolls-Royce headquarters in Goodwood, West Sussex, England. This work of art is only the second Fabergé egg to be deemed “Imperial Class,” since 1917. What that means is the Spirit of Ecstasy Fabergé egg is styled in the same way as the original 50 Imperial Easter Eggs created for Imperial Russia between 1885 and 1917 by Peter Carl Fabergé, founder of the famed Russian luxury house. “The Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg was born from an intrinsic desire to further the realm of bespoke personalization for one discerning patron,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

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The idea of the Spirit of Ecstasy Fabergé egg was conceived by Rolls-Royce designers Stefan Monro and Alex Innes and it was engineered by Fabergé’s lead designer Liisa Talgren, while it was “brought to life” by Fabergé’s work-master Paul Jones. It took two years for completion and seven craftspersons from Fabergé to create the egg. It stands 6.3 inches tall and weighs 400 grams. Fabergé describes the design of the egg and the mechanism that opens the vessel as “highly complex, conceived through computer aided design and animation and developed with micro engineering.” The egg’s rose gold arms are lined with 10 carats of diamonds and more than 390 carats of amethyst and open like a flower thanks to the highly complex mechanism. When open, it reveals the marque’s signature hood ornament, the Spirit of Ecstasy, executed in frosted rock crystal. The egg rests on an engine-turned, hand-engraved, purple enamel guilloché and 18k white gold base. Sean Gilbertson, Fabergé CEO, said, “The creation of the Spirit of Ecstasy egg represents the meeting of two masters of unrivalled quality and design, showcasing two globally recognized symbols.”

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