The Rolls Royce Phantom IV one of the most exclusive Rolls Royce in the world on sale

Well, rub your eyes. We are not talking about Rolls Royce Phantom VI but the Rolls Royce Phantom IV. This ‘Rolls Royce of Rolls Royce’ belonged to Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II younger sister, Countess of Snowdon is now on sale. The Rolls Royce Phantom IV is labeled as one of the most exclusive Rolls Royce in the world because the public was not allowed to buy this model; it was only sold to the Royalty or a Head of State. A total of 18 examples were made, out of which this went to Princess Margaret in 1954.

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No word on what kind of mileage this pristine 1954 Phantom IV H.J. Mulliner Limousine gives. However, it does have a lot of room and a sunroof in the back. Special. It’s great because it comes with a 4 bottle drinks cabinet, two for Gin and two for Scotch.

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