At $51,000 this is the worlds most advanced chair that even neutralizes gravity

This week, a Rolls-Royce dealership in London added an interesting product to their store: the Elysium R from DavidHugh Ltd. Touted as the world’s most advanced chair, this piece of furniture is worth an astounding £38,000 (around $51,500).

What makes it so special? The reason for the high price tag is that the Elysium R is the only chair in the world that’s designed to make the person seated in it feel weightless. The design for this unique chair incorporates ergonomics combined with specialized materials to create this “anti-gravity” experience for the person sitting in the chair. This state of negative gravity offers biomechanical benefits and could also potentially relieve pain.

Anodized pure aluminum armrests, aniline leather coupled with a gold frame give the chair a sleek and luxurious look. Will be spotting a version of the world’s most advanced seats in Rolls-Royce cars soon? Let’s wait and see!


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