Of boats and beauty! Mykonos will look mesmerizing from Uber’s on-demand privately-chartered boats set to sail this summer

Uber just went from a transportation app to an Uber cool one! Welcome Uber Boat, an on-demand boat charter in Mykonos, Greece. The company’s third annual Go-GET product event witnessed the ride-hailing company announcing the launch of boat travel in gorgeous Greece. With abundant azure waters and hoards of vacationers, Uber has promised to do the needful- a chance to book a boat directly via the Uber app. “There’s nothing better than connecting with family, whatever that may look like to you,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said. He added, “That’s why this year we’re unveiling a suite of products that are rooted in connection.”

The venture will begin in Mykonos, allowing eight people to cruise around the island. Many more potential locations will be added in the future. As is the case with automobiles, prices will vary depending on the number of stops. The service will be available from mid-June to October, operated by a licensed boat operator. Sarita Varouch, Uber general manager for Greece, said in the Uber Go-Get video. “Uber Boat gives you the ability to plan a day on the water. You can even see reservation details right in the app, making it an ideal way to visit Mykonos and tour around the island.”

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Uber Boat.

Uber has offered boating options in the past. In 2015, UberBoat Istanbul offered speedboats for 6-8 passengers or families for $20-$150, depending on the destination. In 2019, the same service was launched in Mumbai in partnership with the Maharashtra Maritime Board. The on-demand speedboat service was meant to cater to tourists and locals eyeing a more premium route for the coastal service.

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Uber coronation carriage

In 2023, Uber hit the ball out of the park with a one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate King Charles’s coronation. A giant Coronation Carriage was made available for trips around London’s Dulwich Park between 1 pm and 4 pm for three days. Uber said Uber Boat in Mykonos differs from the company’s previous offerings as an external company does not own it. It works more like a private charter than a ferry service.

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