As no one is still flying, British‌ ‌Airways‌ ‌is forced to sell its ‌first class champagne‌ ‌flutes,‌ ‌fine‌ ‌china and glassware to‌ ‌curb its massive losses from the pandemic

Travelling is an immersive experience. Everything we experience from the beginning of the journey to the destination becomes a part of our memories. Like that one time when you toasted a glass of champagne on a British Airways flight to a successful business trip. Or the warm towel your partner helped you with on your honeymoon is a sweet memory of a BA flight you cherish. All these little things that made flying with British Airways an enjoyable experience can be yours; stirring the same magic right at home as it did in the clouds. British Airways is selling off plates, champagne flutes and other items used on its planes. Unfortunately they are doing so to curb the pandemic-fuelled losses of £5.4 billion ($7.22 billion) in the year to September. But the sale is happening at a time where everyone is looking for great gifting options and the variety includes some fine china previously used to serve first class. Items going on sale include drinks trolleys and earlier designs of glassware as well as equipment from 747 jets; William Edwards plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers as well as the bread basket ,day blanket and cold top-cabin hot towels all up for grabs at reasonable prices. If you are having trouble deciding what to buy your loved one for Christmas, here’s your chance to give a special person a piece of British Airways history.

British Airways said it might have to cut 12,000 jobs, or more than a quarter of its workforce, in response to the severe drop in travel demand during the pandemic. The sale started Monday giving people the “rare opportunity to get their hands on items from British Airways aircraft which have circled the globe hundreds of times,” the airline said in a press release. Not too long ago, Qantas airlines also listed 1000 units of fully stocked Boeing 747 bar carts on sale that were all eventually sold out.

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[Via: CNN]

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