Emirates set to hire and train thousands of cabin crew in the metaverse – Using virtual reality, recruits will walk in the plane and analyze every detail of the service.

Via Facebook / @Emirates

Dubai’s Emirates airline believes the future is now. Without further ado, the world-renowned airline plans to train future cabin crew in the metaverse, as revealed by a senior exec at the Dubai Metaverse Assembly. The revelation was made by Adel Ahmed Al Redha, chief operating officer of Emirates, who articulated the airline would hire 4,000 cabin crew to train in the metaverse. A year ago, Emirate announced its intention to enter the metaverse. They are moving ahead by training crew in a virtual reality environment and even participating in simulated real-life scenarios. This will become even more achievable with the A350 commercial aircraft configured in Humboldt, USA.

Via Facebook / @Emirates

The metaverse and virtual reality would be used to simulate walking into airplanes and analyzing every detail, per Investing.com. Al Redha stated, “We used metaverse, virtual reality, and walked into the aircraft and looked at every detail, every gap in the aircraft, whether it is in the galley or with the seats. We have configured an aircraft and what we see there today is exactly what we’ll see in 2024.” Emirates is a pioneering airline that has maintained the highest standards for decades and faultlessly. Hence, trainees will continue to attend the airline’s state-of-the-art aviation training college in Dubai to complete practical hands-on sessions such as aircraft evacuation, ditching, and medical emergency scenarios.

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Via Facebook / @Emirates

The new technology will ease out mounting pressure that comes with recruiting thousands of new cabin crew as it seeks to bolster its workforce to keep up with travel demand. This ingenious training method will extricate some pressure on the airline’s training facilities. It looks like there’s no stopping Emirates tech-trinity from taking shape; that is, the Metaverse, NFT, and Web3-related tasks.

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