Emirates is making its first class even better by serving the super rare Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 champagne on select routes

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Flying on the Emirates first class is the epitome of a luxury flying experience. In order to truly make your journey memorable, the Marquee is offering only the best in the world- a rare Dom Pérignon. Last month, we reported that the airline plans to invest no less than $2 billion to take its customer experiences a notch further. This new Champagne partnership has certainly upped the ante and how! First-class passengers can order Dom Pérignon Plenitude 2 on select routes until the end of October leaving flyers with only a month to experience tasting the very refined Dom Pérignon at 30,000 feet. If you had no reason to take a flight, we just gave you one!

The Dom Pérignon 2003 P2.Via – Emirates

Dom Pérignon is one of the world’s most reputed, luxurious champagnes, and Emirates is the only airline with an exclusive agreement to serve it on board. The remarkably rare 2003 vintage in its second plénitude is a limited release, forming part of Emirates’ award-winning portfolio of exclusive wines, champagne, and spirits.”Plénitude 2 is the second life of Dom Pérignon, patiently brought to a new elevation and set on a path to eternity,” the vintage Champagne house explains on its website. “After close to 15 years of slow transformation in the cellars, Dom Pérignon expands its energy and rises to an apex of essential, radiant vitality, in its state of Plénitude.”

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You will be spoilt for choice on the Emirates first class.Via Facebook / @Emirates.Via – Emirates

Emirates take its wine program very seriously and have invested more than a billion dollars in the past 16 years. Their lip-smacking champagne and caviar experience impresses with nothing but the very best offerings. The rich and multi-layered, Plénitude 2 is the perfect companion with a complex spiral of aromas that reveal over time in the glass. “It’s vibrant yet generous palate, powerful and precise with great energy, leads to a persistent, spicy, and saline finish,” a spokesperson for Emirates shared. First Class passengers can check if Plenitude 2 will be served on their flight by perusing the “What’s on your flight” option on www.emirates.com or via the Emirates app.

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The Emirates first class.Via Facebook / @Emirates.Via – Emirates

Other noteworthy improvements include new menus designed by an award-winning team of chefs. A vegan menu for the health-conscious complete with plant-based meals. The absolutely decadent champagne and caviar experience with unlimited portions of Persian caviar as part of the ‘dine-on-demand service. Emirates passes the test for customer delight with flying colors (pun intended) by curating a movie menu complete with cinema snacks and 5,000 channels on Emirates’ ice inflight entertainment system.

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