Explore and interact with the lavish Emirates first class suite from the comfort of your home in virtual reality

Emirates have upped the ante yet again. First, they made our jaws drop by putting a fearless air hostess on top of the 2,722ft Burj Khalifa, and now they are making sitting in the comforts of our homes enjoyable. Emirates said in a statement, “Check out the cabin around your own seat in row 77 from the comfort of your home, with the airline’s award-winning and industry-leading virtual reality (VR) experiences.” And just like that, the world of aviation has forever changed, not in the skies, but on the humble ground. Emirates have launched a virtual reality app in the Oculus store, enabling customers to explore its products via interactive experiences. This includes cruising through the economy, business, and first-class cabins, as well as the onboard lounge and shower spa on the Emirates A380 using navigational hotspots. Applaud Technology Company Renacen is for making this fantastic experience with Emirates possible.

“In 2018, we were the world’s first airline to introduce advanced web VR technology on our digital platforms, offering customers an immersive opportunity to learn about the fantastic Emirates experience that awaited them before they stepped on board,” said Boutros Boutros, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand. He continued, “It is also particularly relevant right now, as many people have not traveled for a while due to the pandemic and are seeking inspiration and researching and rediscovering their flight options.”

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The innovation is available on emirates.com, the airline’s mobile app, and the Oculus Store for Oculus Rift users. They already know the next step of this fantastic feature; customers can go beyond exploring the impressive cabins to actually explore destinations. This is followed by selecting a cabin, booking, and paying for their flights from the Emirates Oculus VR app itself.

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[Via: Emirates]

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