Google is opening a haunted house in Tokyo and it will be ‘cute’

If thrills is what you’re seeking, you may consider visiting Google’s new haunted house that recently opened doors in Japan’s eclectic capital city – Tokyo. The spook spot promises to get your adrenaline kicking and can be visited free of charge anytime between August 25th to September 2nd this year. All that is needed is an entry pass to get through the tech giant’s exciting new scare zone.

In order to reach the house, one is needed to get in touch with Google’s assistant using its Android or iOS app. Once connected, users will have to change the language settings on their smartphone and utter the magical Japanese words – “Obakeyashiki ni Tsuretette” in the most correct way possible. If pleased, the assistant will immediately contact you with another ‘ghost assistant’, who will further provide you with all the information needed to reach the house. On being handed out with a map and details on the wait time outside the house, users can finally maneuver around Google’s spook spot.

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As also reported by local news site SoraNews24, the design of the haunted house could change by the day, meaning different visitors could leave with different experiences. The house is also being called as the ‘world’s cutest haunted house’, meaning that it isn’t exactly equipped to scare the hell out of you. If you’re looking to get some adventure though, head over to Google Japan’s haunted house at the So-Cal Link Gallery soon!

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