Look at this: Instagram-worthy Suspended Swing in Indonesia has us Excited

Did you say swing? Suspended in the air? In spectacular Indonesia? We are sold! No matter how much you grow or where you go, when the child in you hears the word ‘swing’ it’s got to get excited. And with the current wave of taking great photos in breathtaking locale even the not-so-childish-selfie-crazy can get excited. Take one good look at the picture below and tell me if I’m wrong. This gorgeous setting you see is of Puncak Mustika Manik, a lookout area with a variety of creative spots for photo ops. So the good thing is there’s more than one such spot for you to create magic and memories in. Puncak Mustika Manik has a floating table where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, and a suspended swing overlooking the jungle. Some people go to great lengths to get one good picture; some are borderline crazy too; here however you just got to take a day to get some fantastic pictures. It’s an easy day trip to the complex in West Java, which is merely three hours from the country’s capital city Jakarta. You don’t have to spend anything more than a $1 to get in there.


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Of course, you have to spend a lot more to get the ticket to Indonesia but rest assured you will find miraculously amazing places there like this suspended swing. So why wait?


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