Golfers at the lavish Wynn Golf Club, Las Vegas may have a tough time focusing on their game with a $2.3 billion, 366-foot tall fake eyeball staring at them

Via Twitter / @JoePompliano

Here’s a riddle for you to solve. Are the Wynn Golf Club golfers ogling at Las Vegas‘ The Sphere, or is the giant human eyeball watching them all? The 366-foot tall and 516-foot wide was anyway pretty eye-catching when it took the role very seriously and literally turned into a repulsive giant eyeball. The Sphere has been making headlines since it first lit up beautifully with vibrant colors and splendid effects.

A video went viral over the weekend when the world’s largest spherical structure lit up in its new ocular avatar overlooking Las Vegas’ Wynn Golf Club. The lavish golf club located directly on the strip is known for its exclusivity and high prices. Playing next to a colossal eye is not only distracting but downright spine-chilling. Twitter had a field day commenting on Sports and Business personality Joe Pompliano’s post.

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The Wynn Las Vegas Golf course is one of the best in Nevada.

One user commented, ‘Only in Las Vegas – spend $600+ at the golf club where a 366-foot tall eye sculpture literally watches your every move as you play. Now that’s what I call bizarre public art, but I’d rather just play golf.’ Another user shared an idea posting, ‘f they don’t do Annoying Orange, this is billions wasted.’ A third user quipped, “Damn, talk about an expensive round of golf with a side of creepy. I guess the Wynn Golf Club decided they needed to keep an eye on their players. Hopefully, that eye doesn’t judge my golf swing too harshly.”

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The MSG Sphere has a total of 1.2 million LED lights each no bigger than a hockey puck. They are placed 8 inches apart and can display 256 million colors.Via Facebook / @Sphere

The best response came from Twitter user Sir Pugglington who said, ‘They could make it a giant golf ball, and the golf course would love them.’ What’s encouraging is that the unnerving eyeball will soon be replaced by an interesting visual as U2 is scheduled to play at the opening of The Sphere in September this year.

Via Facebook / @Sphere

The $2.3 billion Madison Square Garden Sphere, designed by stadium specialist Populous, is as tall as the Pyramids of Giza with a whopping 580,000 sq. ft. of LED panels. No less than 164,000 speakers and a capacity of 18,000 will ensure that U2’s opening of the Las Vegas residency will be a show to remember. The world’s best-selling rock band is slated to perform the first shows on September 29th and 30th.

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