The largest Rolex showroom in America has just opened in Las Vegas (your chances of getting a Daytona are still slim)

Only a few days ago, we learned one would be much better off putting their money into Rolexes than gold, real estate, and even stocks; at least, that’s what data suggests. According to a new study by online retailer Bob’s Watches, Rolexes have regularly outperformed those traditional investment options over the last ten years. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that Watches of Switzerland Group is remodeling and extending its Rolex showroom within the shopping palacade of the Wynn Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Hence, the space will stand tall as the largest mono-brand boutique in America for the world’s most potent luxury watchmaker.

The space may have been expanded, but the luxury timepiece shortage still prevails, with meters of empty C-clips dampening the shopping spirit. The store will install window displays using LED panels from Dynamix Pro, which combine physical product displays with digital presentations. Making things even more interesting for Rolex fans is the video that shows a robotic arm picking Rolex watches from packed virtual shelves and bringing them to the front of the window.

With a severe dearth of Rolex watches, the massive showroom intends to shift focus to other brands instead of looking like a decorated space of nothing.

The multi-brand Watches of Switzerland showroom gives dominance to independent watchmakers like MB&F, Bovet, and Chopard, who will all now have corners in the new Wynn showroom. As per Watch Pro, “At Watches of Switzerland, we have no preference between multi-brand showrooms, mono-brand boutiques, or e-commerce,” says David Hurley, executive vice president of Watches of Switzerland USA. “The client ultimately decides, and we are investing behind all three areas,” he adds.

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