Even Omicron cannot stop them – The Rich Kids of Instagram are jetting off to Dubai and the Maldives in private planes.

Via Instagram / @corinnakopf Via Instagram / @olesya_malinskaya Via Instagram / @yana_leventseva

Stopping the Rich Kids of Instagram from traveling is like trying to spend all their money in a day – futile! Even the dreaded Omicron variant has failed and how. With Christmas around the corner, their celebratory moods are taking them to the far corners of the world, on their private jets, of course! The Instagram page Rich Kids of the internet is the best place to witness these globe-trotters live their best lives, no matter the pandemic.

Yana Leventseva strikes a pose in the pristine waters of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Via Instagram / @yana_leventseva

Before countries begin to close their borders again, looks like they are determined to visit exotic locales this holiday season! Many well-known hotspots worldwide are turning into their temporary addresses like San Moritz in Switzerland, Mauritius, Ukraine, Brixten and more. They also dig the idea of living in the moment, even more so with lockdown rumors begging to slink in.

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Olesya Malinskaya soaks up the sun in the Maldives. Via Instagram / @olesya_malinskaya

Dubai seems to be a favorite destination to ring in the New Year, where influencers and rich kids flock in abundance. Unlike New York, bringing in further Covid restrictions that will directly impact families with holiday plans in the city, Dubai is welcoming visitors with open arms and an RTPCR. Some opt for sun-soaking getaways like Olesya Malinskaya chose the Maldives; photographer Yana Leventseva is in Mauritius with family.

Irina Cerutti in St Moritz Via Instagram / @irina_cerutti

Many want this time of the year to be a winter wonderland and a luxurious one at that! Dubai has turned into quite the party place, with most Rich Kids choosing to spend their valuable time and oodles of money in the extravagant location that offers the best of food, luxury, and party scenes.

Ukrainian Instagrammer Love Rose had a gala time in Paris. Via Instagram / @love__rose92

Influencer and artist Love Rose is spotted holidaying in her favorite city in the world- Paris, while travel blogger Irina Cerutti is soaring the frigid temperatures at a luxury ski resort in St Moritz.

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Daisey O’Donnell at a beach in Dubai. Via Instagram / @daiseyodonnell

Corinna Kopf is among the Rich Kids spotted in DKopf, making it a double celebration with her birthday and Christmas around the corner. Entrepreneur and designer Daisey O’Donnell is among the crowd of Rich Kids basking in sunny Dubai along with social media star Anna Accendimi and influencer Katya. That’s not all; Caroline Stanbury is enjoying her holiday with her new husband, Sergio Carrallo, in Dubai as well. After lockdowns and covid-related restrictions, traveling is the gift these rich kids give themselves.

Katya in Dubai. Via Instagram / @milevskate

Their homes, after all, are already chock-a-block with niceties. If not globe-trotting to the most opulent resorts and destinations, this is how the Rich Kids of Instagram are enjoying the festive season.

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