The 10 best beaches in the world for 2016 according to Tripadvisor

If you happen to be planning your next vacay, we vouch for pristine waters and sun-bed dotted beaches as opposed to the bustling cities of London and the adventurous forests of the Amazon.

Now, we are truly of the opinion that ideal vacations begin with margaritas on the beach, and with thousands of miles of coastline available, you can opt to sunbathe on urban beaches pulsing with people or unwind along isolated swaths of silky sand. Fortuitously for you, Tripadvisor has revealed the best stretches of sand across the globe; bringing together an eclectic blend of both and here are the premier 10.

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10. Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Philippines
One of the most isolated and secluded spots on this side of the planet. No restaurants, no resorts (apart from a few beach shacks that offer the barest suggestion of hospitality), no bars or aqua sports, and certainly no Starbucks or McDonald’s of the present-day Boracay! But to be honest, that’s exactly the point! Such pristine and desolate beauty is hard to find these days.

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9. West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduras
Where could I even start? Think typically beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise stained water, a plethora of restaurants that vary greatly which basically means you get almost any type of food you want. At the end of this beach is a rock cliff with boulders in the water that create picturesque snorkelling!

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