The 10 best beaches in the world for 2016 according to Tripadvisor

8. Ngapali Beach, Ngapali, Myanmar
Undoubtedly Myanmar’s premier beach destination, Ngapali is well-perched alongside the beautiful Bay of Bengal coast. What primarily caught our eye was the idyllic stretch of white sand and palm tree-lined coast, with a number of resorts spread out next to traditional fishing villages. While Ngapali is about relaxing and enjoying the sun, you could take trips on local fishing boats; indulge in some kayak; snorkelling or scuba diving amongst the brightly coloured fish; and cycling or motor biking down the beach and around some of the local villages.

7. Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera, Spain
Aptly nicknamed as Ibiza’s chilled-out little sister, Formentera’s Playa de Ses Illetes beach lacks the kind of infrastructure you’d expect to find. If you a fan of fancy sunbeds, shacks selling swimsuits and stretches of sand dotted with sunbeds, we’d recommend otherwise. We say, Illetes is beach life for folk who want to keep it simple.

6. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rica
If you happen to venture alongside the north side of Culebra, you would come across Flamenco Beach. Considering it’s a protected cove, there are usually hardly any waves, and our personal favourite for snorkelling given the plethora of fish. An interesting thing as you walk along this beach is the remains of old tanks left over from military practice. One of them is all painted up, while another is just rusting in place. It reminds you that even in “paradise”, the real world is not far removed.

5. Cayo de Agua, Los Roques National Park, Venezuela
Well, it’s voted the 6th best beach in the world, and with good reason. Imagine a huge stretch of empty beach of the softest, whitest sand and a blue, blue sea. And the sun canopy, chairs and cool box our guesthouse had kindly provided as our desert island luxury. That’s basically Cayo de Agua.

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