Sailing in the Arctic on a Russian icebreaker to flying around the Mayan ruins – These are the top 6 travel experiences of 2018

Chad Clark, the owner of Chad Clark Travel Ventures rounds up unique and thrilling travel experiences every year in a list called the Chad Clark Certified 25. This year’s list was announced during Virtuoso week in Las Vegas and includes destinations ranging from freezing Antarctica to the golden deserts of Oman. As usual these curated experiences are designed for travelers who seek out activities, and the activities chosen are pretty special!

Out of the Blue Cocktail Experience
The Berkeley (London, UK)

Our first stop is London, where the Berkley is offering a cocktail tasting menu like no other. These are bespoke creations inspired by the Blue Bar’s True Colours menu, but there’s more on offer than just drinks. This immersive experience plunges into a sensory adventure by engaging not just your tastebuds but also your eyes and nose. Screens around you will display colors and images which will be your only clue to what spirit you’re imbibing. Forget shaken martinis, the Out of the Blue Cocktail menu makes every drink an adventure.

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A plane journey to Mayan ruins
Grand Velas Riviera Maya (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

The Insider Microadventure to Chichen Itzá and Cenotes and Mérida allows guests to visit Chichen Itzá – the most famous Mayan ruins and get a private guided tour through the Mayan complex. You’ll swim in a cenote (a freshwater sinkhole) and take a carriage ride through the colonial city of Merida. Forget hiking, you’ll travel to the sites in a CESSNA 206 single-engine plane.

A journey to the southernmost parts of the globe
Quark Expeditions (Antarctica)

Not many will ordinarily have the chance to venture to Antarctica. It’s hardly the ideal destination for a luxe escape. But Quark promises a thrilling adventure aboard a special type of boat called an icebreaker. However guests can enjoy some stunning aerial views thanks to the on-board helicopters. These particular icebreakers are also equipped with a saloon for socializing, a bar with spectacular views, a gym, and two saunas.

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An aerial view of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains
Remote Lands (Nepal)

Nope, you no longer have to climb the somewhat punishing slopes of this world famous mountain range for that million dollar view. Remote Lands’ shortcut hike takes you on a helicopter tour of the region from Kathmandu to South Base Camp. They’ll even throw in a champagne breakfast at the Yeti Mountain Home.

Make a grand entrance with a paraglider!
Six Senses Zighy Bay (Oman)

The Six Senses Zighy Bay is near Oman’s Hajar Mountains and if you’re interested, the hotel staff will let you paraglide from the mountains right to the Six Senses’ sun baked beach sands. The service has been offered since 2008, but it remains unique and unmatched by competitors!

Check out Chad Clark’s full list here: Chadclarkcertified

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