Top 5 must do Luxury experiences in Tokyo

The famous Tokyo slogan ‘a night that never sleeps’ is the most apt way to describe the city with the most exotic and vibrant vibe in Asia. Already having exceeded 10 million visitors as of December 2013, the Tokyo government is aiming to attract 20 million foreign visitors in 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics. From attending live concerts to eating at any of Tokyo’s numerous Michelin-starred restaurants or even getting bottle service at a hot and happening nightclub, Japan’s capital has something to do for everyone. From fine dining to scouting for the latest gadget, Tokyo has it all.

Culinary Arts of Global Gastronomy in Tokyo
Being the city with the most number of Michelin star restaurants in the world, it came as no surprise when Tokyo beat Paris as the culinary capital of the world in 2013.

The food industry, a subset of the hospitality industry is at an exponential growth aiming towards the Olympics 2020. The capital is constantly on the look-out for competent and skilled professionals from the food industry resulting in numerous chefs travelling to France to study culinary skills while having already having experience cooking at a traditional ‘ryotei’ – a type of luxurious Japanese restaurant.

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Nestled amongst a host of different restaurants and bars in the quaint Salle de Makino and bordering the trendy Roppongi Hills is Nishi Azabu. A sizeable oven space and warm wooden interiors are instrumental in giving the restaurant a cozy and welcoming ambience. The owner and founder of the popular Makinos, Makino studied in France for three years prior to opening his restaurant in Tokyo. Makino is known for fabulously fusing the best of both, Japanese and French cuisine.

An exotic food tasting experience at a reasonable price is a hard find in a bustling city like Tokyo. Makino achieves that by offering its guests a fresh seasonal assortment of food. Within the time frame of 2 hours, Makino can prepare up to 7 dishes with new flavors and textures to add to his menu. The tantalizing food is sure to stimulate both, the customer’s imagination as well his taste buds. The menu undergoes a change every month with every new menu surpassing the expectations of all of Makino’s customers. An L.A-based guest visiting the restaurant for the second time in the span of one week comments, “I had the same appetizers but a different main dish. Both times each dish had exquisite taste and the main menu of wagyu beef was absolutely tender. It was incomparably sweet with a subtle tang of flavor that lingered on my tongue and was just a great experience! I loved every bit of it and definitely coming back here again.”

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Appetizer: Eel Sushi, prosciutto ham with peas with mozzarella cheese and tofu along with broth soup.

The eatery is located in a trendy area at the heart of the city. The meals at the restaurant are prepared right in front of your eyes by a private chef and served to you in individual, traditional Japanese plates. The exclusive and innovative dining experience at Makinos involves interaction with its customers by the owner and his team allowing them to feel special and at home at the same time.

Not to forget that the pricing for two parties is very reasonable at 11,600 yen. The wine menu ranges from 5,000 – 30,000 yen. Eating at a high-end sushi restaurant is one thing, but if you are more of an adventurer who likes to venture out in search of hidden gems, this may be the place for you.

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