Travel posh-style to this year’s Art Basel Miami 2015

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 is here. The annual event, which is in its 14th level, is how the well-heeled kick starts their festive season and opens today December 3, until the 6th. Unlike other years where the guests have had to resort to a car ride or flight or private jet or swanky yacht, this year a new mode of transport is introduced – helicopter services. And this is not just absurdly loud helicopter where you need to be using all four limbs to hold on to something … this is a class apart.

Helicopter and jet-hailing company Blade has announced an exciting new service – air-ferrying patrons to and from the Art Basel show. BLADEone will take guests to Florida in just two and a half hours, with a bill of $2,200.

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And now, hold on to your seats, is the list of in-flight amenities. Every traveller gets a captain’s chair, Todd English food and cocktails, newly-released iPad Pros with movies, and Jack Spade amenity cases that include La Mer skincare and Blade’s Del Toro slippers. While you allow your tired pedicured feet to relax amidst all this opulence in mid-air, attendants dressed in a 60’s style white stretch-denim jumpsuit accented with a neck scarf and go-go boots will be hovering around you to ensure your comfort is satisfactory. This cool concept is the brainchild of its designer Tamara Mellon (a co-founder of Jimmy Choo shoes).

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