Not Dubai or Singapore, but the worlds highest outdoor pool has opened in China, and it sits 1,060 feet above the ground.

China is no stranger to creating records and then breaking its own for new ones. After building nerve-wracking bridges, the nation has achieved another towering feat, pun intended. The highest outdoor pool in the world, located in Nanning, China, is found in a mixed-use tower and is 1,060 feet above the ground. Guangxi China Resources Tower is a 1,322 feet building designed by Goettsch Partners. The pool on the 71st floor shatters the record held by the 57th-floor infinity pool at Moshe Safdie’s Marina Bay Sands. Visitors will enjoy an unforgettable evening of respite at this unique spot and a sweeping 180-degree panorama of the surrounding lakes, parks, and mountains.

“The building is a symbol of rising prosperity for the city,” notes James Zheng, AIA, LEED AP, CEO and president of GP. “It further sets a world-class standard for quality that is meant to endure.” the Guangxi China Resources Tower boasts 86 floors and a 900,000-square-meter multifunctional expanse of retail, commercial office, residential, and luxury hospitality. The space will include the luxurious Shangri-La Nanning hotel, a whopping 172,740 square meters of office space, and 5,930 square meters of retail space.

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China recently made headlines for its plans to build the world’s most twisted skyscraper, Xingfu Plaza, in the Jiangbei District of Chongqing. It is also coming up with the world’s largest semi-underground Quzhou Stadium, which can house 30,000 people.

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