Buben&Zorweg introduces new state of the art watch winder technology

Come 2015, Buben&Zorweg will celebrate 20 years of its existence and in the last two decades the company has grown from producing packaging for high-end timepieces and jewelry into a brand that is a formidable player in watch winding technology, fine mechanical watches and luxury safes. In a constant endeavor to improve its technology and products, the German company is now taking its renowned watch winder technology to a whole new level. Considered to be the most advanced of its kind, the Buben&Zorweg Time Mover recently got upgraded with a set of new features that are in tune with the demands of today’s most rare and precious self-winding wristwatches.

buben-zorweg-agartos-tourbillon-front-openThe new Time Mover technology was developed in collaboration with partner brand ELMA the development process took a team of 10 specialists 2 and a half years of intense research and development. The resulting technology features even less operating sound and energy consumption coupled with greater durability through the use of special ball bearings and new materials that performed flawlessly during endurance tests lasting up to 40,000 hours (equivalent of an operating lifetime of 45 years). Even the watch holders have been improved as they can now accommodate self winding watches with cases of up to 60mm in diameter, and even timepieces with prominent crowns. Another noteworthy new feature of the latest Buben&Zorweg Watch Winder Technology is the new Safety Catch Mechanism. It is particularly a practical and convenient arrangement that allows the watch holder to be safely and easily clicked into position.

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