Complication extraordinaire – The Urwerk EMC Pistol watch

What could a timepiece and a firearm ever have in common? Well, the bridge has been built by Urwerk that brings forth the EMC Pistol. EMC stands for Electro Mechanical Control. It lets you check rate electronically with the touch of a button. The watch was a big winner at the 2014 Geneva Grand Prix d’Horologerie for its ‘exceptional mechanism’ and ‘innovation’. It also won Felix Baumgartner the title of Watchmaker of the Year in Hong Kong.

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Apart from all the accolades, the EMC Pistol offers a design that simply captivates the mind. It comes in black or titanium and an engraved version that borrows the design fineries of the cot pixel. The design is hand-graved by 43-year old Austria-based master engraver Florian Güllert who is renowned for his firearm engravings. “Engraving is a way of capturing light, it bares the metal and creates zones of shade,” he says. “The metal is forcibly worked and astonishingly that is what makes it beautiful.”

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The strap of the EMC Pistor is a true beauty, courtesy of Portalès’ Joséphine Morf and Sylviane. Speaking about the strap, Morf said, “We make each item more or less on an individual basis and for very small series ordered by watchmakers and manufacturers of luxury leather goods. URWERK’s order at first took us by surprise. They wanted a part of the skin that we very seldom use because it is in relief. The straps we made are truly three dimensional with a series of small ridges.”

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Only five pieces of this wonderful timepiece will be produced.

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