Costing $22,700 this robot clock is a cross between Mad Max and a Transformer

The collaboration between MB&F and Swiss clockmaker L’Epée 1839 has previously spawned some of the most fascinating creations like the robot-themed Balthazar clock and the incredible Octopod table clock – both unorthodox in concept and intricately detailed in construction. There latest collaborative effort continues with the tradition of giving the mundane table clock a captivating theme. Called the Grant, the new robot clock is a cross between a Mad Max machine and a Transformer. Created with a mission to slow things down when time runs too fast, Grant is a robot with three functional, tank-style treads and a time display on his shield which only has the hour and the minute hands to bring a sense of calm into the frantic chaos of this world.

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Grant’s shield rests on a pair of hinges that helps it transform into one of three different modes: lying horizontally over his chassis for a low profile; crouching at 45 degrees; and sitting up 90 degrees. The clock face can always be set to a comfortable and optimal viewing angle. The shield appears to protect the domed cover that houses the manufacture movement’s balance and the other elements of the watch’s mechanism, which is comprised of 268 components. Grant also carries a weapon in both hands: a decorative spinning wheel in its left hand and a grenade launcher on the right that doubles up as the key to wind the Grant’s eight-day power reserve. The elaborate creation is available with three different color accents of blue, black, or nickel, with each color version limited to 50 units. It is priced at CHF 22,000 apiece (or approx. $22,600).

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