Hublot’s Magic Gold can be scratched only with a diamond

It’s not always about coming out with the most luxurious time-telling devices for Hublot. Apart from creating some stunning calibers, complex movements, and some classic watches, the brand also comes out with advancements to help the industry on the whole. Now the Metallurgy department of the Hublot Manufacture in Nyon, in collaboration with EPFL, has come out with a brand new range of alloys that can “revolutionize the characteristics of precious materials and may also pave the way for new alloys to be used in the high-tech industry”.

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The focus was on “a genuine “fusion” of 24-carat gold (the finest of the noble materials and a natural product) and the very latest in high-tech materials expertise”. The alloy, which took three years of collaborative research, has resulted in a new kind of 18 carats “noble gold, with patents pending”.
This new 18-carat “Hublot gold” comes with a 1000 Vickers hardness rating, which means that “it can only really be “scratched” by diamond”. Crafted using a complex process, the alloy uses boron carbide powder formed by cold isostatic that are pressed closed molds that can create watch cases, bracelets, bezels, etc. Still, in experimental stages, the first Magic Gold watches will be seen at BaselWorld 2012.

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