The new $800,000 Jacob & Co. Astronomia 4 Skulls timepiece has a stunning dial decorated with 18K rose gold skulls

Jacob & Co. has become synonymous with making some of the most extraordinary, extravagant, and highly unconventional pieces and the ultra-exclusive Astronomia collection perfectly demonstrates the brand’s expertise in crafting mind-bendingly complex and visually capturing watches. After exploring themes ranging from celestial objects to Mt. Everest expeditions to the Monopoly board game, the watch brand has introduced the newest iteration of the bold and imposing wristwatch that delves into the popular theme of ‘Memento Mori’. The new Jacob & Co. Astronomia 4 Skulls houses inside its sapphire crystal case a gallery that presents itself as a crypt of skulls sculpted out of 18K rose gold with cabochon ruby eyes.

The centerpiece of the newest Astronomia piece, as always, is the iconic Astronomia four-arm vertical movement that includes the Double Axis Tourbillon and the two iconic symbols of the Astronomia: the 1-carat diamond that features the exclusive Jacob Cut with 288 facets and the magnesium globe. The rose goal skulls are placed around the signature complication adding to the 3-dimensionality of the watch. The four skulls split into each quarter of the dial set on an aventurine base. The skulls are made by master craftsmen with extreme precision. Each skull is cast and then crafted and polished by hand using both modern and ancient tools before the gems setters carefully place cabochon rubies in the eyes of the skulls. Then the skulls are carefully placed onto the aventurine dial in a way that it doesn’t affect the functioning of the exposed movement. The Jacob & Co. Astronomia 4 Skulls is a truly one0of-a-kind piece and it’s priced around $800,000.

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