This unique revolver-styled table clock has been created by an anonymous group of art connoisseurs

We at Luxurylaunches love clocks with unique designs that make for great gifting or collectible items, like the Urwerk atomic table clock and the MB&F Robot Clock. And recently we came across an interesting clock that’s designed to look like a Colt revolver, which got us really excited; more so because it’s the work of a rather mysterious entity called the Unnamed Society. Founded earlier this year, the Unnamed Society describes itself as a “team of passionate inventors and designers” and claims that it is dedicated to “creating the impossible that cannot be imagined.” And the first creation to come from this anonymous group is this table clock created in the form of a revolver. The clock has been developed in collaboration with famed Swiss luxury watchmaker L’Epée.

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If you have the question of why did the creators go with the revolver theme for the watch, the press release explains: “The purity of purpose inherent in the revolver makes it a compelling platform for telling time: it aptly symbolises the preciousness of every moment, the speed at which it can be stolen and the complexity of what is, ultimately, a simple proposition.” It also goes on to state that only three years separate the founding of the L’Épée watchmaking manufacture and Samuel Colt’s patent for the mechanically indexing cylinder at the heart of the revolver, which gave the Unnamed Society the idea to blend the two and create this unique clock. “We knew from the outset that we were working on something truly special. Translating the vision of the team into a unique clock calibre has been the challenge of a lifetime and all of us here at L’Épée are very proud of the result. Working with time from all its angles, historical, mechanical and aesthetic, has rarely been so rewarding,” says Arnaud Nicolas, CEO of L’Épée. The Unnamed Society says each gun is unique with the grip and the engraving made on special order. Materials and finishes range from exotic woods – olive, pear, and palm tree wood as well as rosewood – to shagreen, the use of decorative ray skin in cabinetmaking, and similarly exotic skins. From gems to set in precious metals, to elk antler, sheep horn, and giraffe bone. The possibilities for personalizing the object are virtually limitless.

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