Cuckoo Clock Inspired Loudspeaker Clock

I never thought that cuckoo clock getting revamped would be a good idea. But after looking at this new loudspeaker alarm clock that has been inspired by the cuckoo clock, I have to change my mind. Designed by French artist Stephane Vigny, it works on the cuckoo clock mechanism. The only difference being that instead of a sweet cuckoo bird, you will have a speaker blaring music popping out to wake you up. This monstrous idea is simply amazing. And I am very sure this clock is soon going to find its way in the homes of many. When the appropriate time comes, the doors flip open, the bottom woofer extends out, and music is played loudly as you are shocked awake. With such a loud alarm you are sure to wake up your entire neighborhood. A genius design, I hope to see it everywhere soon.

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