An ultra rare Star Wars Boba Fett figure sells for $34,000 at an auction

It took 40 years for a French collector and fan of the Star Wars franchise to collect 700 items that were official merchandise of the show or were based on it. This is enough time for someone to build a highly valuable collection as some of his earliest collectibles automatically become rare and a lot more expensive with passing time.

A rare Boba Fett figure still maintained in the original packing in which it was purchased, went under the hammer as the collector decided to part with his collection. It goes without saying that the figurine has many takes and fetched as much as an equivalent of $34,335 (in GBP). The collection also featured another, an even rarer figurine of Boba Fett that fired a rocket. This one never made it to every shelf back in the time as the projectile of the rocket was deemed to be dangerous for many as it presented a choking hazard.

The collection is estimated to fetch around £500,000, which comes to about $659,290 in today’s exchange. We always marvel and wonder at the mix of emotions that collectors such as this fine French gentleman could feel when they part with a 4-decade haul.

[ Via : Zap2it ]

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