Montegrappa’s Ultimate Centennial Dragon a million dollar pen that is up for sale

Pen is mightier than the sword, we were told. Now we learn, it also costlier than the sword. Unless there was a sword which cost more than one million dollars. That aside, the Ultimate Centennial Dragon pen by one Italy’s finest luxury brands Montegrappa, will be up for sale on April 1 at an expo in Riyadh. Yea, it sounds like a practical joke, but no it is happening. Today, it will be showcased at the American Express World Luxury Expo, which runs at the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh. Buyers of this exclusive piece of art will be offered a VIP factory tour by a member of the Aquila family (who runs Montegrappa) to view the manufacturing of the pen followed by lunch or dinner with members of the board including Formula One racing driver Jean Alesi.

The reason it is this valuable is double fold. One is, it was created in 2012 to celebrate Montegrappa’s 100 years since inception. Only 100 units of the Centennial Dragon series was made – 33 units in rose gold, 33 in yellow gold, 33 in white gold and one called the Ultimate Centennial Dragon. The Ultimate pen has deep historical significance. It might cost a bomb, but looks downright ugly, like all Montegrappas. But it’s the craftsmanship, and the legendary tales it comes wrapped in. The Centennial dragon draws inspiration from the Nine Dragon Wall which was built in 1773 during the reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) at the Forbidden City in Beijing. We all know the significance of dragons in the Chinese culture; they are a symbol of power and prosperity.
Now comes the detailing – the Ultimate Centennial Dragon pen is made of 300 gm of solid gold, and studded with diamonds, rubies and a pearl.

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If the pen doesn’t get sold in Riyadh, it will go through a second round in New Delhi at The Luxury Festival to be held from April 1-3 where it will be one amongst a list of other exclusive products to be auctioned off.

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