Steve Jobs signed legal agreement auctioned for $40,000

It’s not every day that a Steve Jobs relic or souvenir goes to auction, and when it does, some big numbers are guaranteed to be thrown at us. An 8-page document was up for auction at RR Auction house yesterday which was a signed legal agreement between Steve Jobs and businessman Robert Friedland from August 17, 1978. It was picked up by Tristar Productions CEO Jeff Rosenberg who ended up shelling $40,000 for the document. “In 30 years of business we have only offered one other Jobs item — a signature; this document, incredibly substantial and significant in its connection to a major figure in his life, is of the utmost rarity,” RR Auction Vice President Bobby Livingston said in a statement.

Jobs and Friedland were both student of Reed College where they became friends and shared a common interest of Eastern spirituality. It was Friedland who inspired Jobs to take a trip to India and even worked on Friedland’s communal farm and apple orchard. The document which was auctioned document was a partnership agreement between Jobs and Friedland for a “place of business” in McMinnville, Ore. There is no word on what became of the business venture but both of them went on to become very successful businessmen. Apple and Steve Jobs relics have been known to command top dollar at auctions. The original three-page contract that established Apple Computer Co. fetched $1.59 million in an auction in 2011 and a working Apple-1 computer was sold for $671,400 at an auction in Germany earlier this year.

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[Via – Cnet]

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