The founder of has bought the ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation console for a whopping $360,000

The ultra-rare “Nintendo PlayStation” prototype spawned out of a failed collaboration between Nintendo and Sony in the early ’90s has finally been sold. A couple of weeks back, we reported that one of 200 prototypes that were ever created was up for sale via Heritage Auctions and was expected to fetch around $350,000. Well, the final sale figure came out to be $360,000, which includes an additional $60,000 buyer’s premium. While the list of bidders included some big names including the co-founder of Oculus VR Palmer Luckey, the winning bid was placed by Greg McLemore – an LA-based tech entrepreneur who is best known for founding and in the late ‘90s.

Nintendo PlayStation is basically a Super NES with a CD-ROM drive and it’s the only surviving unit as rest of the 199 prototypes were all destroyed. The previous owner named Terry Diebold acquired the console in a bankruptcy auction in 2009 for a meagre sum of $75 and kept it in an attic till 2015 without being aware of its worth. It was his son who discovered it and posted a picture on Reddit. McLemore told Forbes that he offered $100,000 for the console a few weeks before the auction and now plans to create a museum featuring his vast collection of video game consoles and arcade machines.

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