This royal carpet from the Mughal era is all set to be sold at Christie’s for a whopping $40,54,592

What would it be to live like a king? Well for one, it would mean rolling in riches and over grand carpets – much like the one that’s come to sale at Christie’s. We’re talking about a royal treasure from the court of Emperor Shah Jahan – a Mughal pashmina carpet that is all set to go under the hammer. Belonging to circa 1650, the exemplary piece includes a brilliant color and design and the most luxurious and costly materials such as the prized pashmina goat hair woven onto a fine silk foundation. While its original length was 4.4 meters, it is now shortened and is almost square in shape.

What makes the carpet so special is its make and rarity. The piece features the iconic flower style from the Mughal era along with techniques such as shading and color mixing. Only 21 pashmina carpets exist from the 17 century are known to exist, with the piece in question being one of them.

Further, only 4 from the lot (including this one) are said to be in circulation, while the rest lie in institutions or museums. Part of a distinguished private European collection for the last 30 years, the royal pashmina carpet will be sold at the Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds, including Oriental Rugs and Carpets live auction on 27 October for an estimated price up to $40,54,592.

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