The ultimate Harry Potter fans can now buy luxury apartments at Hogwarts

We hear you can now acquire property at Hogwarts; and no, we’re not kidding. 28 apartments that are up for sale will demand a price range between $1,000,000 and $4,000,000. How though? Royal Connaught Park, the architectural beauty filmed in the much-renowned Harry Potter franchise, is being transformed into a luxury apartment-and-home building.

Hogwarts 2
If you are having trouble placing Royal Connaught Park, let us refresh your memory. The dining hall appeared in the first three magical films and the property was more or less filmed through the entire series. Back in 1977, this building was The Royal Masonic School for Boys.

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Comer Homes, who bought the property in 1998, started developing it as a top of the range residential complex in 2009. Caroline Comer of Comer Homes says: “People just look open-mouthed when they walk through the gate; the character of the place resembles Oxford or Cambridge.
If rumours are to be believed, the building will entail opulent duplex apartments and rooftop terraces, perfect as holiday homes for you and me.

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