Sneak Peek: Here’s a look inside Mayfair’s largest luxury apartment priced at $24 million

Located in the Mellier building on 26 Albemarle Street, London is a luxury apartment that’s chic, modern and totally out of your league. Priced at a jaw dropping £15.95 million ($23.9 million) the apartment has rocketed to the top of the list of large luxury flats in Mayfair.

The 3,588 sq. ft. 3 bedroom home features extraordinarily large rooms and high ceilings (compared to other new properties in London) but perhaps this is because the Mellier building was formerly a Buick limousine showroom. The building is now home to five luxury residences and offers a private lift lobby and concierge service.
The flat is comprised of three bedrooms, with ensuite bathrooms, a large kitchen, two living rooms and a library. There’s also a winter garden and an atelier window in one of the rooms that we absolutely love.
The property has been listed by luxury estate agents Wetherell. “This magnificent lateral residence has the tallest ceilings and largest room dimensions of any new Mayfair apartment currently on the market,” said Peter Wetherell, CEO of Wetherell in a statement. He added, “The sophisticated ambience, the attention to detail and the unparalleled quality of the specification combine with the exceptional living space to deliver the most outstanding lateral apartment in London’s West End.”

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[ Via : Standard ]

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