Ben Kingsley stars in Jaguar’s Super Bowl ad to market the F-Type Coupe as a British ‘bad boy’

If we had to choose the sexiest looking car launched in 2013, it would be an easy decision to choose the Jaguar F-Type Coupe as the pick over others. We featured the two-door sports car in our top 10 cars from 2013 and we believe it will give others from the same segment a run for their money. There is something about it which makes it so sexy. It has a certain quality of being a debonair but devilish at the same time and the marketing team of Jaguar recognizes it and wants to use it to promote the F-Type. The company has roped in a trio of super-villains from the celluloid for Jaguar’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

Movie stars Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong are joined by none other than Ben Kingsley for the marketing campaign under the tagline ‘It’s Good to Be Bad’. Jaguar has been running a 30 second teaser with Ben Kingsley in it which positions the new F-Type coupe as a fast but sexy British bad boy. The full commercial featuring all the three movie-stars with the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe will be released during the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks. So the question is, is the bad boy image back in vogue? Hell yeah! You can either arrive in a suave Aston Martin pretending to be James Bond, or choose the Jaguar F-Type coupe and be totally bad-ass like Sir Kinsley.

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