Brad Pitt has launched a $390 bottle of rosé champagne

Whatever Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie launch together has got to be outstanding (look at their beautiful children). They are back together again, not in a romantic way, but to give the world another round of their highly acclaimed rosé champagne via their popular rosé brand Miraval, which they own with the French Perrin family. The dull milieu of Hollywood hasn’t rubbed off on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who are busy owing to their joint wine venture that is still in full swing along with champagne aficionado Rodolphe Péters, owner of the Pierre Péters Maison. The viticultural ensemble together have created the inaugural bottle of bubbly, which, they urge, is not to be mistaken as some “celebrity wine,” but an authentic project of wine growers combining their expertise, skills and passion. Created using the old-world saignée method, Miraval has grown to become one of the worlds most popular rosé brands. Fleur de Miraval Exclusivement Rosé is a blend of 75 percent mature Chardonnay grapes and 25 percent young Pinot Noir grapes and aged in the shields of the dark cellars in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger for three years before it is ready for the world to savor. Jolie and Pitt purchased the 1,200-acre Miraval estate in 2012 and Fleur de Miraval Rosé is the culmination of five years of work, research, and tasting. In addition to the rosé champagne, the team has released a haul of new wines and even a new winery.

Fleur de Miraval Exclusivement Rosé’s first edition will be released with just 20,000 bottles on October 15th. The champagne will retail at a cool $390, an amount many will willingly pay for the champagnes exclusivity.

[Via: Bazaar]

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