Fitted with gold bathroom fittings and seat buckles, Donald Trump’s prized $100 million Boeing 757 private jet is rotting away with an engine removed. Will Trump be flying commercial soon?

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757 was more than his crown jewel, it was a testament to the world that he had made it. And, why not, the $100 million plane was his abode in the sky. The jet was loaded with all the modern luxuries that included modern plush cabins, a 57-inch television, custom mahogany coffee tables, and in true Trump style, the bathroom fixtures, light switches, and seatbelt buckles were plated in 24-carat gold. The Trump Force One was stable during the 2016 Presidential elections and served as the backdrop for many of his press conferences and photoshoots including the one where the past President is eating his Big Mac’s on a bone china plate with a knife and fork. Once Trump was elected President this blinged Boeing 757 was replaced with the mighty Air Force One and so confident was Trump in winning the re-election that the 757 was parked away in Newburgh-Stewart International Airport for long term storage. With Joe Biden in the White House, one would assume that Trump would be back to using his luxurious private jet, but that is far from the case.

The left engine is removed for repairs and the right engine is wrapped in plastic. (Photo via – CNN)

According to CNN, flying a Boeing 757 costs between $15,000 to $18,000 per hour and that is if the plane is flight-ready. But, Trump’s prized possession is far off touching the skies, forget routine maintenance according to a photo by CNN one of the engines is shrink-wrapped and the other is removed for repairs. Which even by generous estimates would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Way back in 2011, the Trump Organization posted a video tour of what it was like to travel ‘Trump style’.
With Covid impacting the hospitality division of Trump’s businesses and with some businesses cutting ties with the Trump organization following the Capitol riots, it has been reported that Trump left office with a debt of around $400 million. With the ex-President already using a Cessna jet to fly around it is very unlikely that the ex-President will board this plane anytime soon.

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Trump’s Boeing 757 parked.

[Via – CNN}

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