Gisele Bundchen is crowned as world’s top earning supermodel

Bundchen has topped this list with an annual income of $25 million! This has definitely come as no surprise, as the beauty is reining the top spot for a couple of years now. What is more, with absolutely no changes in her income from last year, it only goes on to show that the glamorous super model industry is not hampered by the economic climate. The past year was overall a very good year for Gisele who managed to sell her NYC townhouse for a cool $12.5million. She also showed her charitable side by donating $1.5million to the Red Cross for Haiti. Coming in at second spot is Heidi Klum with $16 million, while Kate Moss took the third position with $9 million. Victoria’s Secret stunner Adrianna Limamakes is at number four with $7.5 million, and relative newcomer Doutzen Kroes, a VS lingerie lovely, is number five with $6 million. To have a look at the full list along with a slide show of the lovely ladies, click here.

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