Donald Trump is overwhelmed with joy as millionaire Youtuber gifts him a rare $105,000 Rolex. It was the influencer’s token of appreciation for the former President.

Youtube capture / SteveWillDolt

Imagine being handed over a $100,000 Rolex as a thank you gift for collaborating on a single podcast episode. Sounds crazy, right? Obviously, you’ll have to be someone like Donald Trump to get such an insane token of thanks. Well, the former President of the United States was given a Rolex Platinum Day-Date 40mm with an ice blue dial by popular Youtuber SteveWillDoIt, aka Stephen Deleonardis. The internet celeb is believed to have an estimated net worth of $3.5 million and is well known for doling out cash and gifts to people in need. However, Deleonardis also believes in spending his money buying special gifts for his friends and important celebrities. The Youtuber is a self-proclaimed fan of the former POTUS and claims he wanted to do something nice for him.

The Rolex Platinum Ice Blue Day Date is not an easy watch to procure as you can’t just walk into a dealership and get your hands on one. Deleonardis collaborated with Timepiece Trading to get the perfect watch for Trump which had to be “Presidential.” The Youtuber was quoted a price of $109,500 for the ultra-rare watch, but he managed to get it for $105,000. That’s a steal, right!

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Youtube capture / SteveWillDolt

Donald Trump was invited as a guest on the “Full Send Podcast,” hosted by the Nelk Boys – Steve, Kyle Forgeard, Bob Menery, and Salim The Dream. In a video posted on Steve’s official YouTube channel, the influencer can be seen gifting the watch to the ex-president at the end of filming the episode. Steve tells Trump that he made half a million dollars by selling t-shirts with a picture of them both and the Rolex was a way of thanking him. What’s interesting is that Trump was regularly seen wearing a gold Day-Date during his days as the leader of the free world.

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Youtube capture / SteveWillDolt

Although the gold version is more expensive than Joe Biden’s entire watch collection, the ice blue version is rarer and costlier than the Rolex in gold. The episode got more than 5 million views in 24 hours on YouTube before being taken down by the platform for flouting its rules. But it’s still available on their official website and most other podcasting platforms.

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