At the COP26, President Joe Biden was downgraded to a $180 a night 4-star hotel after the ultra-exclusive Gleneagles hotel turned down POTUS for lack of rooms.

Via Facebook / @Joe Biden - The luxury Gleneagles hotel on the right.

Would you dare decline a stay to President Joe Biden? Well, luxury hotel Gleneagles just did! After running out of rooms to accommodate the US leader and his crew, the latter was forced to downgrade to a four-star hotel instead. Yes, that’s right! As reported by The Scottish Sun, Biden and his army initially wished to stay put at Gleneagles in Perthshire during COP26. However, due to a shortage of rooms at the property, they had to shift to the quaint Dalmahoy complex near Edinburgh.

One of the suites at the Gleneagles Hotel

A source commented, “Gleneagles was the first choice but four rooms was never going to be enough,” while further adding, “Dalmahoy is very, very nice but not immediately what springs to mind when you think of places for the world’s most powerful politician to stay.”

The Dalmahoy complex in Eden

Layers of Added Security at Dalmahoy:
While Biden zeroed in on Dalmahoy as his choice of accommodation, it wasn’t accepted as is. The entire property was scanned for security threats, with several layers of protection added to ensure a smooth stay.

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One of the guest rooms at the Dalmahoy

Once a venue for the Solheim Cup and no stranger to high-end guests, Dalmahoy prepped for weeks before the 78-year-old arrived in Edinburgh on Monday (November 1, 2021) morning. And as part of the security run, televisions were removed from the building over fears they could have been bugged, and the White House instead supplied their own.

Joe Biden at the COP26.

Commenting on it, the source said, “It was strange that they wanted all the television removed as these are believed they could have been bugged. So they brought their own ones with them.” Further, the wine cellar was also stripped out and converted into a secure bunker should anything happen while he was there, and bottles of the President’s blood type were carried on board in case of a medical emergency, along with a satellite phone.

The restaurant at Dalmahoy.

Noting that the security was watertight, the source revealed, “Around eighty members of the Secret Service arrived with him, and there was the same number from a unit from the Met. On top of that, more cops from all over the country were located at the hotel 24/7. It was surreal.” Additionally, snippers were also set up at points on the roof of the building.

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One of the restaurants at The Gleneagles.

Gleneagles’ loss a gain for Dalmahoy:
While Gleneagles noted that reservations were a matter for organizers, the four-star Dalmahoy went above and beyond to ensure a smooth stay for the President and his crew. The hotel also shipped hundreds of white hydrangeas, the First Lady’s favorite flower, to decorate the interior of the building ahead of the guests’ arrival.

The spa at The Gleneagles.

Needless to say, the property has already received tons of attention after Biden’s visit. So much so that the hotel bosses plan to rename part of the building as the ‘North Wing,’ with the suite that he stayed at already rebranded as the ‘Presidential Suite.’
Well, as they say, one person’s loss sure is another’s gain!

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