Curvy French women blast Karl Lagerfeld for anti-fat comments

Karl Lagerfeld has given us countless garments and portraits laced with his signature monochrome luxe and more. But the foot-in-mouth fashionista has also singed us on several occasions with his trademark style of cynicism. This one time, some don’t seem to be taking it too well, and by “some,” I mean Belle, Ronde, Sexy et Je M’assume. They are probably beautiful, Round, Sexy, and OK with It, or so the English translation says. The organization has accused the Chanel designer of “defamatory and discriminatory comments.”

Given that the designer famously called Adele “a little too fat,” it’s no surprise that his comments have brought about French furor. But this time, the issue has surpassed its limits of fashionable outspokenness and taken on social relevance. Betty Aubriere has taken it upon herself and the group to make bullying meet its end and intends to advocate awareness in schools and emphasize that “curves are often an illness or genetic, and not due to a poor diet.” The enraged group’s president was also quoted saying, “We’re fed up. Many young girls are insecure, and hearing such comments is terrible for them.”

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Especially at the hands of who could easily be considered an authority on fashion and, by definition, the decree-er of what’s right when it comes to proportion. So, such authority is now becoming the softest target to make the entire fashion industry sit up and take notice. Of course, it only helps that the person in question can lay no claims to meaning well regardless of the “but she has a beautiful face” sidekick of a compliment.

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So, while discrimination against curvier women as well as men has long been a society staple, whether you take into account films, institutions, or even offices, proclaiming, “no one wants to see curvy women” is like inviting into your studio a barrage of flamed torches. “Today, it’s him who insults us, and tomorrow, who will it be?” At this vindictive rate, I’d say, nobody!

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