Jet-tracking teen Jack Sweeney highlights the hypocrisy of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian – On one hand the billionairess’ have asked the FAA to hide their private jets from being tracked but yet they post live pictures and videos from their planes on social media.

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have become walking-talking examples of oxymorons. While, on the one hand, they feature on the LADD list to maintain the secrecy of their flights yet, on the other hand, they never fail to flaunt their jet journeys and locations in real-time. Jet-tracking teen Jack Sweeney took notice of this and put it out on Twitter-verse for discussion. This came after the recent debate about celebs taking super-short flights to places they could quickly drive. The discussion compelled some celebrities to react, clarify or, in the case of thick-skinned Kardashians, ignore. Drake explained his actions and blackballed faultfinders, and even Sweeney defended him and Jenner on their super-short flights.

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Sweeney is not in sweet mode; the teen did sell out Elon Musk, stating he is the real climate criminal who took even shorter flights than Jenner and faced no flak for it. Speaking of Kylie Jenner, Sweeney’s latest tweet read,’ You wanna know what’s the worst part of this Kylie Jenner short flight news. Her aircraft N810KJ is on the FAA LADD list, which means she’s trying to hide from being tracked. But yet she’s posting pictures of the plane????’

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The makeup mogul rightly faced criticism when she posted this question to Travis Scott – ‘you wanna take mine or yours? Followers quickly commented on Kylie’s Instagram post, quipping, ‘But it’s us who must use paper straws.’ Another follower commented, ‘Global warming, who?’ Sweeney’s Twitter post also got a lot of reactions, with one follower throwing light on Kim Kardashian doing the same with her N1980K.

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DarthHater defended Jenner stating, ‘Nobody beats Floyd Mayweather. The man takes 10 minutes flights from Henderson, Nevada to Las Vegas instead of driving.’ Jenner’s $73 million private jet comes complete with an entertainment room, master suite, massive closet, and pink mood lighting. At the same time, older sis Kim’s private jet is a $150 million G650ER complete with leather seats and cream cashmere.

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What is FAA Ladd?
The LADD program allows aircraft owners to have their flight data filtered from distribution via the FAA System Wide Information Management ( SWIM ) data feed or filtered from public display by websites that participate in the program. In short, if a celebrity wants to hide their aerial whereabouts, they must get on the list. Kim and Kylie Jenner turn it into an exercise in futility by trying to maintain secrecy and, simultaneously, pose next to their private jets every chance they get.

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